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Judges: Dogs Shirley Hutchinson (Mascani), Bitches Dave Greer (Conbhairean).

Previous show results :-

Open show held on 26th March 2006 in memory of Steve Cartwright

Dogs :- Stuart Lang
Bitches :- Ray Sullivan

Minor Puppy Dog
1 Vonmeister Lex at Flickzenber
2 Tramella Hogan
3 Carakris Zorrow at Korzwin
4 Lindanvale Ottis
Res Luzuli Basko

Puppy Dog
1 Conadrew Tizer
2 Silverleigh Estor
3 Cedarmarks Larus
4 Rangemore Ison
Res Mascani Icon

Junior Dog
1 Tramella Dennis
2 Loutoria Cristiano
3 Korzwin Wallace of Ashmari
4 Lindanvale Beru
Res Shotaan Raul vom Parmo

Special Yearling Dog
1 Anderma Ronaldo at Shernaa
2 Absela Echo Endo
3 Colthurst Otto

Post Graduate Dog
1 Jaqueneta Bonneville

Limit Dog
1 Korzwin Vopo

Open Dog
1 Lindanvale Cash
2 Korzwin Vito

Minor Puppy Bitch
1 Parmo Pepsi
2 Tramella Gavivi
3 Tramella Gabbi at Kieztamarx
4 Gayvillles Quenta
Res Mascani Dixie

Puppy Bitch
1 Kassieger Damera
2 Korzwin Saskia
3 Rangemore Issabella
4 Vonmeister Kassey
Res Brival Latoya

Junior Bitch
1 Korzwin Ankara at Tyeglen
2 Korzwin Whitney at Ashmarai
3 Fremen Yesse
4 Vashika Elkie
Res Ingasheim Q-Tee

Special Yearling Bitch
1 Graychelseas Hiska at Corjon
2 Gayvilles Simira
3 Vedamac Fina
4 Korzwin Razzi
Res Jane Grey

Post Graduate Bitch
1 Blerio Boudica
2 Gayvilles Ronja
3 Zentrums Glori
4 Vashika Baffi
Res Stockdale Jessica

Limit Bitch
1 Silverleigh Niamh
2 Vonmeister Atlantic
3 Carakris Vista

Open Bitch
1 Videx Anja
2 Darrway Perle at Geeswood
3 Brytwyns Miami
4 Mirrwood Rose

1 Kovayas Nando

Best Puppy Dog - Conadrew Tizer
Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy - Parmo Pepsi
Best Dog - Korzwin Vopo
Best Bitch and Best of Breed - Videx Anja

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